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Africa's most popular safari destinations

Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular safari destinations. This is the land where the safari was born. The word itself is from the local Swahili, originally meaning simply “a journey”. It was here that the first caravans snaked into the wilderness from the coast, bringing explorers, big game hunters and romantics from all over the world.

Their legacy was the legend of the Safari, which became known as the world’s greatest adventure. Today this great spirit of adventure lives on in Kenya. This is a country of remarkable diversity. 48 National Parks and Reserves are spread over an incredible variety of landscapes, ranging from alpine slopes to baking desert, lush rainforest to sprawling savannah, fantastic coral reefs and idyllic beaches to beautiful freshwater lakes.

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Northern “Safari Circuit”

Tanzania is known worldwide for its famous Northern “Safari Circuit”. This is an excellent safari country, with the awe-inspiring natural wonder of the Ngorongoro Crater sheltering a world of wildlife, while the plains of the mighty Serengeti are one of the planet’s largest and most complex ecosystems.

But Tanzania also offers many more little known treasures. The south has some truly pristine and untouched wilderness areas, including Africa’s single largest National Park- The Selous. The waters of Lake Tanganyika are surrounded by deep forest inhabited by families of chimpanzees.

Off the coast, the island of Zanzibar is a place where a rich and exotic history lives on in the winding streets and spice markets. Zanzibar and the neighbouring islands of Pemba and Mafia have pristine white sand beaches and some of the world’s finest scuba diving.

``The Pearl of Africa``

As Uganda progressively opens up to tourism, many new visitors are discovering one of Africa’s most exciting new destinations.

Uganda was once described by Winston Churchill as “The Pearl of Africa”, and it remains a fitting description. This mountainous central African country is a land of contrasts.

The savannah and game rich floodplains surrounding Murchison Falls are a world apart from the high alpine peaks of the Ruwenzoris or the dense forests of the south. These forests are home to many rare species, including one of Africa’s last populations of Mountain gorillas.

A gorilla tracking expedition into Bwindi forest is a truly unforgettable experience, letting visitors spend time among these rare and gentle creatures. A chartered aircraft from Boskovic is the perfect way to explore this new and enthralling destination.